2D Laser Cutting

Over 35 Years of  Laser Cutting Experience

Troy Laser & Fab is the specialist in 2D LASER CUTTING, with a combined 35+ years experience in laser cutting and manufacturing. Our industry experience, processes, and customer service is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customer needs in today’s 24/7 competitive manufacturing environment. With our precision laser cutting capacity in our new Warren, MI manufacturing facility,our lead times are far shorter than the industry average, and we will always consider adding capacity and capabilities based on the needs of our customers.

If you’re not familiar with laser die cutting technology that’s ok, laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. Our trained staff will guide you through the process so all of you manufacturing needs are met with the highest product quality and service. More importantly, we work together to make sure that your project is on time and on budget.

Reduced Costs, Minimized Downtime, Improved Accuracy

Laser cutting in Detroit has quickly become recognized as a more accurate, flexible solution that outperforms traditional die cutting methods in several ways. This non-contact process eliminates the need for hard tooling and is a fast, clean, cost-effective production solution which maintains an exceptional standard of quality. Laser cutting in Detroit is especially ideal for applications with feature locations, tolerances, size, or material characteristics that would typically be difficult or impossible to process using a traditional die.

Laser Cutting Is A Digital Process

By eliminating tooling, laser die cutting can reduce costs and improve accuracy. Because laser cutting in Detroit is an entirely digital process, pattern changes are simple, requiring only edits to drawing files without any downtime for setup or die creation.


  • Unlimited cutting paths
  • Non-contact processing
  • Fast changeover and process on-the-fly
  • No tool wear or consumables
  • Increased accuracy with the ability to hold tighter tolerances
  • Suitable for both roll and sheet-fed materials
  • Capable of achieving more intricate, complex designs
  • Lead times, costs, and storage associated with dies are eliminated
  • Design changes can be made quickly without lengthening timelines
Watch the power of Laser Cutting