2D Laser Cutting Possibilities: Materials

Published : July 16, 2019

You likely already know that 2D laser cutting is a very fine, precise manufacturing process – able to achieve high tolerance cuts in a quick manner. Via the process, the high-powered laser involved is able to make cuts in a way where there’s virtually no distortion, thus eliminating the need for post-processing in the majority  … Read more

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Using Laser Cutting for Small Business Production

Published : July 15, 2019

Laser cutting is a little-known aspect of manufacturing that is growing considerably for small business owners and urban manufacturers. Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications, but is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by  … Read more

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Why 2D Laser Cutting?

Published : July 14, 2019

Elimination of tooling. Improved accuracy. Savings to the bottom line. Those are just three of the benefits of using 2D laser cutting, a fast, digital, streamlined process that can be used for both rapid prototyping, engraving and manufacturing purposes. To quickly review, 2D laser cutting is a process that uses a high-powered, thin, concentrated laser via computer numerical  … Read more

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Laser Cutting Ideas: It Is More Than Just For Manufacturing

Published : July 13, 2019

Laser cutting is more than just for manufacturing and we are going beyond the norm and redefining the standard. We could spend hours explaining the science behind our lasers – detailing, in minutiae, the key difference between 2 axis and 5 axis laser cutting. But let’s not get too technical. After all, there’s plenty of interesting  … Read more

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What is the difference between Laser Cutting or Waterjet Cutting?

Published : July 12, 2019

Companies seeking Michigan manufacturers to help with custom parts or higher quality part output typically will consider laser cutting or water jet cutting. Depending on the type of material used and the desired end result, one of these two methods may be appropriate for a given application. First, it is helpful to examine the fundamental differences  … Read more

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Laser Cutting Manufacturing Thrives in Michigan

Published : July 11, 2019

Michigan, is home to a thriving manufacturing community! For nearly six decades Detroit’s story has been one of relentless erosion of its once mighty manufacturing base, but even as the Motor City went through a long bankruptcy, a clutch of small producers has moved in to rekindle the “Manufactured in Michigan” brand. Troy Laser, located  … Read more

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Laser Cutting For Your Business Signage And Office Decor

Published : July 10, 2019

Laser Cutting continues to gain momentum Laser Cutting continues to gain momentum outside of its perceived industry focus which is mostly manufacturing parts.  Businesses are now leaning towards laser cutting as a means to help differentiate their brand look and feel that will make their business front stand out with unique custom signage, custom letters and corporate  … Read more

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Laser Cutting Is Used In A Wide Range Of Applications

Published : July 9, 2019

Laser cutting is fast and productive Laser beam cutting outperforms conventional cutting systems in terms of speed, throughput and productivity. Today, laser cutting can be done much easier and faster than ever before and is used in a wide range of applications and industries. Like all tools, laser cutters have strengths and limitations. Understanding and designing  … Read more

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5 Ways Laser Cutting Can Serve a Business

Published : July 8, 2019

Cutting Techniques When it comes to manufacturing and cutting, tradesmen are continuously looking for techniques and technology that can help them work more efficiently, effectively, and economically. Laser cutting, which has recently been gaining popularity, offers businesses the chance to capitalize all three. Since the first lasers were developed in the mid 20th century, the  … Read more

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Why Tube Laser Cutting Is A Great Option For Manufacturing

Published : July 7, 2019

Speed up production and reduce costs The Tube Laser gives designers freedom to easily put any cutout shape into pipe and tubing. Besides eliminating the old drill and saw, this new technology allows for error proof constructing techniques that speed production and reduce cost. With Tuber Laser Cutting, you gain the ability to hold tight tolerances on  … Read more

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