Laser Cutting continues to gain momentum

Laser Cutting continues to gain momentum outside of its perceived industry focus which is mostly manufacturing parts.  Businesses are now leaning towards laser cutting as a means to help differentiate their brand look and feel that will make their business front stand out with unique custom signage, custom letters and corporate logos. With laser cutting and tube laser cutting, it all comes down to your imagination. Don’t worry we will help you with that creative side and ideas for your new sign or office decor as it pertains to laser cutting and your company’s logo will look clean and clear, enhancing your property and displaying your brand more than ever.

High-Quality, Long Lasting

You are able to customize your signs to any size. You will have several design options from large signs that are displayed on your company’s building or smaller signs that fit in windows, and door ways. Due to the versatility that a laser we can add, we are able to go beyond our customers expectations in ways they never dreamt. The laser cutting and engraving market is an exciting field these days and getting hotter. Present day laser cutting has consistently held a major presence in the laser cutting industry ever since it came on the scene in the early 90s. “To those of us who have been in this business for twenty years or more, it’s surprising how many people we run across that are just now seeing their first laser. There are still a lot of new opportunities out there,” Jason Gabor, CEO, Troy Laser. “For example, we’ve recently seen an increase of custom cabinet makers who ask us to laser cut their logo and contact information on the inside of high-end custom cabinet doors. They’re not only providing a service for customers, they’re helping gain exposure for their brand each and every time that door is opened.”

“New segments are starting to show interest and surface: Interior designers, Architects, Design Build Firms. We are excited to see our industry go beyond traditional manufacturing” said Jason.



The above pictures represent ideas only and are not the work of Troy Laser. However, we are 100% capable.

Due to technology and economy, this industry has dramatically changed over the last decade and will continue to do so in the years to come. To ensure a company’s success, they must communicate and work with suppliers who have the tools and experience necessary to handle their project. We are that company! We have recently added a new state of the art BLM Tube Laser cutting machine. This commitment to technology will keep us ahead of the industry and help deliver the parts you need for your next project. Over the years Troy Laser has developed long lasting relationships with our customers by producing outstanding products and accommodating short lead times that the market often demands. We pride our selves in our ability to meet and exceed our customers expectations time and time again. Since 1995 we have been partnering with our customers and providing laser cutting services and other manufacturing they can count on.

Thank you for your support!

Team Troy Laser