Michigan, is home to a thriving manufacturing community!

For nearly six decades Detroit’s story has been one of relentless erosion of its once mighty manufacturing base, but even as the Motor City went through a long bankruptcy, a clutch of small producers has moved in to rekindle the “Manufactured in Michigan” brand. Troy Laser, located just outside Detroit is making headway by bringing creative thinking to its customers with the use of laser cutting and tuber laser cutting formats. Since 1995 Troy Laser prides themselves on there ability to partner with customers while providing premier laser cutting services and other manufacturing services that Michigan companies and beyond looking for manufacturing services can count on.

Michigan’s advanced manufacturing jobs are not just surviving the recession, but actually thriving and account for two-thirds of the states industrial workforce. Our region offers key location and business advantages that have brought new manufacturers to our region for years, helping us to build and grow this sector.  Several industrial parks located throughout the region offer close proximity to freeways and other modes of transportation including rail, air and water.  Once located here, many of our manufacturers make additional investments in our region through continued expansion projects.

Laser cutting manufacturing is thriving in Michigan.

For decades, manufacturers have used punch presses to cut materials. They were reliable technology that everyone understood how to use. Times, however, are changing. Laser cutting machines are gaining traction among manufacturers looking for better edge quality, automation and speed. “Laser cutting and Tube Laser cutting brought in new customers and solidified relationships we had with old customers. We pride our selves in our ability to meet and exceed our customers expectations time and time again.” said Jason Gabor, CEO, Troy Laser.

Measuring Up to More Demanding Environments.

Due to technology and economy, the laser cutting industry has dramatically changed over the last decade and will continue to do so in the years to come. To ensure a company’s success, they must communicate and work with suppliers who have the tools and experience necessary to handle their project. “We are that company! Our commitment to technology will keep Troy Laser ahead of the industry and help deliver the parts our customers need for all of their next project.” says Jason Gabor.  Michigan has a rich history of quality manufacturing and design, and these days it’s not just automakers who are boasting that their product is ‘made in Detroit’ or made in Michigan’. Whether pushing the limits of laser technology and laser design, or bringing customers together to share new and innovative laser marking and laser cutting application concepts, Michigan’s laser cutting manufacturing is showing amazing progress and is definitely thriving.

We’re continually blown away by client ideas and designs and can’t wait to see what will come in next, so why not browse the website photo gallery for inspiration, then tell us your ideas and we’ll work with you to see how it can be done! To learn more, contact Troy Laser.