Laser cutting is more than just for manufacturing and we are going beyond the norm and redefining the standard.

We could spend hours explaining the science behind our lasers – detailing, in minutiae, the key difference between 2 axis and 5 axis laser cutting. But let’s not get too technical. After all, there’s plenty of interesting examples that demonstrate just how accurate this type of technology can be.

With that being said, we thought we would share some ‘off the wall’ examples from the world of fashion to business cards, signage, business decor, and prove once and for all that laser cutting is one of the most advanced and accurate manufacturing processes in the world. Troy Laser is redefining the standard when if comes to Laser Cutting.

Business Cards

business card

Laser cut business cards are a creative and unique way for businesses to differentiate themselves. It makes your card stand out from the rest and makes a grand statement.

World of Fashion

World of Fashion

“Laser-cut” has become a buzzword in the world of industrial design and fashion. Many contemporary objects from computers to clothing have been touched by the process, and its popularity continues to grow the more we discover about it’s potential.

The term is exactly what it sounds like, using a laser rather than a blade to cut into a surface. The benefits include a cleaner, accurate cut, as well as a higher quality of finish.

So how does laser cutting play into the fashion industry specifically?

It’s an interesting, modern hybrid between the concept of cutwork lace and the clean aesthetic of screen-printing. Laser cutting is a process that never seems to tire, as new developments are constant.

If you’re looking to design laser cut textiles, there are a few basics to consider in terms of the outcome:

  • Laser cutting works best on synthetic fabrics; the plastics in these textiles melt during the process, resulting in a sealed, perfect edge that won’t fray.
  • Natural fabrics on the other hand, are slightly singed by the heat of the laser, holding the fibers in place.
  • This generally results in a discoloration at the edge of the cut, which, depending on the desired outcome can be a con or a welcomed design element.
  • However, adjustments can be made depending on the fabric and the strength of the laser to potentially eliminate any marks.

Business Signage

business signage

In our last blog post (Laser Cutting For Your Business Signage And Office Decor), we discussed this topic in more detail, but here’s the high-level overview. Laser Cutting continues to gain momentum outside of its perceived industry focus which is mostly manufacturing parts.  Businesses are now leaning towards laser cutting as a means to help differentiate their brand look and feel that will make their business front stand out with unique custom signage, custom letters and corporate logos. With laser cutting and tube laser cutting, it all comes down to your imagination. Don’t worry we will help you with that creative side and ideas for your new sign or office decor as it pertains to laser cutting and your company’s logo will look clean and clear, enhancing your property and displaying your brand more than ever.

Business & Home Decor

business Home Decor

This is becoming a huge category for the laser cutting industry and a way for companies to stand out from their competition. Creating panels pierced with a design is an innovative idea. It is possible to have a Troy Laser cut any design you like in metal. These panels are art installations, but you could also cover an entire wall to create an interesting architectural element. Oh, you can also have laser cut panels made from wood or other materials.

Laser cutting ideas for your home. A kids adventure.

Laser cutting and a little bit of imagination, you can transform your kids room into a whole new adventure.


Laser cutting ideas for a Hotel meeting space or guest space


Remember, a great hotel experience is all about how they deliver the guest experience.  Guests are seduced by the luxurious grandeur and style of your hotel, and a bold wall panelling/screen design instantly gives you that luxe feel. You could look at laser-cut metal, bamboo or wooden panelling as material options for recreating such a wall detail. Potted palms in the front finish off the look for a wonderful meeting room or entertaining space.

Laser cutting ideas that create amazing focal points

Decorative panels turn plain walls into lovely focal points. Laser-cutting technology means you can design your own patterns for decorative corten steel panels like these – perfect for adding interest to plain walls and reducing the visual impact of very high walls.


There you have it – the undeniable truth that laser cutting is as accurate as it is diverse. Laser-cut techniques were once reserved for industrial uses, but creative designers now use them to create art that functions across many different applications.

From haute couture, to the competitive world of business cards, there are thousands of different ways that laser cutting can transform a simple design into something amazing.

All it takes is a little imagination.

What to brainstorm on your ideas?